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Sondra M Stegenga

University of Utah
Assistant Professor of Special Education
Salt Lake City, UT
I have over 20 years experience in the fields of health and education working with individuals across the lifespan. I have provided services and supports to children and families as a home visitor, occupational therapist, early intervention program administrator, and state council member across a range of environments including early intervention, schools, and hospitals. I have been involved with local, state, and collegiate councils, workgroups, and advisory boards to improve practices for young children with disabilities. My research focus areas include interdisciplinary and interagency collaboration, research to practice - implementation science and policy in family based systems, and early social emotional assessment and intervention related to school readiness and long-term outcomes. I look forward to connecting and collaborating at the upcoming conference! :)
Wednesday, October 2

7:00am CDT

8:00am CDT

Caregiver Coaching in New Hampshire Part C: Perceptions and Factors Influencing Implementation (Poster #21) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallErika Baril Systemic Needs and Strategies to Support Vulnerable Young Children and Families (Poster #2) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMariana Mereoiu • Lisa Handyside • Kimberly Christensen Addressing Inappropriate Discipline Practices: State Policies on Suspension and Expulsion (Poster #5) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallLise Fox • Toni Miguel • Megan Vinh • Leigh Ashley Enhancing Leadership Capacity to Support Inclusion in Child Care (Poster #7) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallBeth Rous • Herman Knopf Project Open House: Inclusion in Early Care (Poster #22) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJessica Grimone-Hopkins Using the IDC Indicator Display Wizards to Collaboratively Examine SPP/APR Indicators (Poster #3) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallVera Stroup-Rentier • Gregg Reed Practice-Based Evidence: Building Practitioner Skills Through Reflective Practice (Poster #16) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJody Bartz • Karen Applequist Big Dreams and a School District's Collaborative Journey For Early Childhood Inclusion (Poster #19) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJane Richardson • Kim Sopko Internal Coaching in Part C: The Impact on Providers, Families, and Children (Poster #18) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMelissa Schnurr • Mollie Romano Let's Move: Findings from Research Focused on Motor Activities for Preschoolers (Poster #28) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHsiu-Wen Yang • Yusuf Akamoglu • W. Catherine Cheung PBS-EI Intervention Study: Family-Centered Approaches to Addressing Children's Challenging Behaviors in EI (Poster #20) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAngel Fettig • Shawna Harbin

2:15pm CDT

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5:15pm CDT

Thursday, October 3

8:00am CDT

Coaching the Coaches: Training and Reflection of Pyramid Model Leaders (Poster #8) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallCristina Alicot • Chelsea Morris Embedding Trauma-Sensitive Practices within the Pyramid Model Framework (Poster #13) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMary Louise Hemmeter • Catherine Corr • Chelsea Morris Evidence Synthesis of DEC Recommended Practice: Teaming and Collaboration 2 (Poster #15) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJudith Carta • Alana Schnitz Mixed Method Look at Transforming EI Assessment into Family-centered Practice (Poster #29) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallKaren McCurdy • Jennifer Kaufman • Leslie Bobrowski Predicting Psychological Stress and Professional Burnout Among Early Childhood Special Education Teachers (Poster #16) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHyun-Joo Jeon • Lindsay Diamond Lessons Learned: Implementing an Interdisciplinary Training For Early Intervention Professionals (Poster #2) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAnnie George-Puskar • Mary Beth Bruder • Gabriela Freyre-Calish • Betsey Howe • Chelsea Panse ECSE/EI Preservice Teacher Field Experiences: Alignment with DEC Personnel Standards (Poster #31) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallRagan McLeod • Jessica Hardy Managing Up: Using the DEC Recommended Practices for Leadership as Beginning Practitioners (Poster #22) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallDr. Sarah Geldart • Kathi Gillaspy Using Fidelity Data in Pyramid Model Implementation (Poster #12) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallLise Fox • Meghan von der Embse • Myrna Veguilla • Denise Perez Binder

9:15am CDT


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