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Julie Kurtz

Center for Optimal Brain Integration
San Francisco, California

Julie Kurtz is an author, national speaker consulting and training on trauma and resilience. She promotes the concept of optimal brain integration to maximize the human growth potential. Julie is the Founder and CEO for the Center for Optimal Brain Integration®.

She is a co-author of:
• Trauma-Informed Practices for Early Childhood Educators: Relationship-Based Approaches that Support Healing and Build Resilience in Young Children
• Culturally Responsive Self-Care Practices for Early Childhood Educators
• Trauma Informed Practices for Early Childhood Leaders: Creating and Sustaining Healing and Engaged Organizations
• Trauma-Responsive Family Engagement in Early Childhood: Practices for Equity and Resilience
And the author of:
• Understanding My Brain: Becoming Human(E)! (Ages 4-8 and 5-10)

Julie Kurtz is the creator of the phone/tablet Application (APP) Trigger Stop: Sensory and Emotional Check-in designed specifically for children ages 3-8 years to promote sensory and emotional literacy and to support self-regulation.

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