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Friday, October 4

7:30am CDT

8:00am CDT

8:15am CDT

8:30am CDT

Spirituality of Caregivers of Children Receiving Occupational Therapy in Early Childhood Intervention (Poster #23) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallLinda R Barnett Coaching Parents with Developmental Disabilities: Reviewing Recommendations to Support Early Intervention Providers (Poster #16) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallSarah Wiegand • Rebecca Lieberman-Betz • Nicole Edwards Envisioning the Future Today: Family Strengths; Professional Practices, Beliefs, and Values (Poster #20) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallBonnie Keilty • Carol Trivette CAL-DEC Metro CANCELLED - Reducing Challenging Behaviors in Preschool with a Check In Check Out Intervention (Poster #21) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallDylan McGuire Beating the Odds: Induction Designed to Keep New Professionals IN the Field (Poster #3) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMegan Purcell Creating a Bigger Tomorrow: Opening Community Day Care Doors with Inclusion Training (Poster #5) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallBarbara Fiechtl Interdisciplinary EI Scholars Program: Promoting Collaboration in Pre-service Trainings (Poster #4) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAngel Fettig • Ariane Gauvreau Outcomes for Underrepresented Graduates from Early Childhood Blended Program (Poster #2) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallPatricia Blasco Supporting Leadership Skills for Local Early Intervention Program Coordinators (Poster #1) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallPeggy Kemp • David Lindeman • Tammy Wallin Collaboration to Address Preschool Classroom Routines and Content Focused on Here-and-Now Learning (Poster #24) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJennifer Kilgo Global Perspectives in Early Care and Education: Undergraduate Students' Growth and Experiences (Poster #9) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallSheresa Boone Blanchard Increasing Parent-professional Collaboration During Home Visits (Poster #7) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMindy Ely Nationally Validated Transition Practices: Implications for Children with Disabilities, Families and Providers (Poster #8) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallBeth Rous • Caroline Gooden Newtonian Physics for Young Children With Disabilities: A Systematic Review (Poster #10) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallConrad Oh-Young • Jennifer Buchter Service Learning as a Strategy for Interdisciplinary Preservice Preparation: Focus on ASD (Poster #19) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallB Harriet Able • Leslie Fanning Social-Emotional Learning and Development: Pyramid Model Teachers' Description and Self-Efficacy (Poster #17) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallChelsea Morris Stakeholders' Perspectives of Referrals and Service Delivery in One Urban District (Poster #15) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMary (Mollie) Sheppard • Kaitlin Moran The Complexity of Leadership Skills Required of Early Childhood Special Educators (Poster #12) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAmber Friesen • Karina Du The Landscape of Mixed Methods Research in Special Education: A Systematic Review (Poster #18) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHailey Love • Catherine Corr The Relationship Between AEPSi and Team Generated Child Outcomes Summary Ratings (Poster #6) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallRobyn Ridgley • Jennifer Grisham Therapists' Practices and Experiences of Collaboration in Montana's Part C System (Poster #14) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJody Bartz • Kalli Decker Using Practice-Based Coaching with Educators in Kosovo (Poster #11) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallLema Kabashi PhD Will They Be Engaged? Exploring How Teacher Candidates Plan for Child Engagement (Poster #13) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallRobyn Ridgley • Cheryl Hitchcock

9:45am CDT

Enhanced Collaboration Through Effective Leadership Skills Obelisk AJennifer Furness Getting Out of The House - Using Evidence-Based Practices in Community Activities MadridKris Everhart Learning to Balance: Teaching the Child, Not Just Curriculum in Inclusive Settings Monte CarloJane Sileo • Cathy Johnan Regulating the Dysregulated Child EmeraldJeniffer Potter Families as Expert Learners: Integrating Universal Design for Learning into Family-Centered Practices CoralDiana LaRocco Using Family Voices to Inform the Use of DEC Recommended Practices TopazCamille Catlett • Lori Erbrederis Meyer • Kimberly Hile The Part C Child Find Self-Assessment: A View from the States (OSEP) Governors Lecture HallJennifer Barrett-Zitkus • Brenda Murray-Wilkins • Margaret Gillis • Evelyn Shaw • Kathryn Morrison • Cornelia Taylor Dosage Decisions in Early Intervention: How much is enough? Obelisk BM'Lisa Shelden • Dathan Rush Infusing Compassion, Advocacy and Parent Relationships In Teacher Preparation Programs. MilanSusan H. Shapiro • Susan Courey Itinerant teaching: What do I do when I get there? MetroEva Horn • Marie Kohart Dreaming of Effective Preparation: Collaborating to Build the Future EI/ECSE Workforce ManchesterLaura McCorkle • Ann Mickelson • Lindsay Diamond Spreading the DEC Recommended Practices Through aRPy Ambassadors and the ECTA Suite! MiroStephanie Moss • Betsy Ayankoya • Nancy Surbrook Goins • Peggy Kemp Teacher Well-Being: A Conduit for Delivering Best Practices MonetKatrina Cummings Designing Inquiry-Based Science Centers and Embedding Systematic Instruction: Collaborating with Preschool Teachers MoroccoJessica Hardy Literacy 3D: A Tier 1 Professional Development Intervention to Increase Literacy Instruction SapphireJudith Carta • Alana Schnitz • Dwight Irvin • Charles Greenwood Hot Topic: Practicing Inclusion, Doing Justice Disability, Identity, and Belonging in Early Childhood Senators Lecture HallDr Serra Acar • Megan Vinh • Jen Newton • Sheresa Boone Blanchard

11:15am CDT

11:45am CDT

Collaborative Dual-Methodology Programming: ABA and DIR- Perfect Together MiroMichele Havens • Nanette Tangkeko Improving Language and Literacy Skills of Children with Autism via Parent Coaching Obelisk BJulie Thompson • Claudia Dunn More Than Just Being at the Table: Engaging Families in Programmatic Decision-Making TopazStephanie Moss • Darla Gundler Navigating Crucial Conversation with Hispanic/Latino Families Obelisk ANancy Stockall • Alma Contreras-Vanegas • Corinna Villar Cole Parent and Child Advocacy and Support: Beginning with the End in Mind MonetToni Miguel • B Harriet Able Advocacy and Policy Engagement: What is My Role? MilanKris Pedersen • Michael Barla CANCELLED - Child Find Mandate: What Do Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families Know? ManchesterLucy Gitonga • Sara Luke The Power of Data (OSEP) Governors Lecture HallJulia Martin Eile • Christina Kasprzak • Cornelia Taylor Culturally Relevant Practices: Multiple Perspectives and Approaches to Implementation EmeraldAnne Larson • Jennifer Ottley • Clarissa Bunch • Sheresa Boone Blanchard • Mira Williams Joint Position Statement on Service Coordination - What's Your Vision? Monte CarloMelissa Schnurr • Dana Childress • Sarah Nichols Approaches to ECSE Personnel Preparation: The Infusion Model for Undergraduate Dual Certification MadridKaty Green Meeting Needs of Infants/Toddlers with Visual Impairments: Aligning DEC and BVI Standards MetroMaribeth Lartz • Mindy Ely The PELICANS Project: Partnering for Early Language & literacy in Inclusive Classrooms MoroccoLisa Handyside • Kimberly Christensen Our Doctoral Journey: Celebrations, Struggles, and Tips from the Voices of Students SapphireJenna Weglarz-Ward • Melissa Yarczower • Nicole Atwell • Paula Kerchenski • Pricella Morris The Effects of Referent-Based Verbal Behavior Training for Preschoolers with Autism CoralLee Mason

1:00pm CDT

All Together Now: Collaborating to Support Developmental Concerns in the Classroom MonetPaul Johnson • Sharon Stone • Paul Nixon Moving Along: Implementing Movement Throughout the Day in Very Young Children MiroMichelle Brown Ready To Eat? Training Caregivers to Feed Children with Complex Medical Needs CoralMarianne Gellert-Jones Building and Maintaining Collaborative Behavioral Support Systems for Early Childhood Settings MoroccoMorgan Beidleman Implementing the Pyramid Model in Part C: Supporting Programs, Practitioners, and Families EmeraldLise Fox • Erin Barton • Ashley Nemec Multi-Tier Systems of Support (MTSS) Frameworks Position Statement MilanJennifer Grisham Professional and Family Partnership for Seamless Birth-to-Five Transitions: Build for Better Tomorrow MadridPadmaja Sarathy Approaches to Pre-service Preparation Across Disciplines to Serve Children with Disabilities (OSEP) Governors Lecture HallDawn Ellis Building our Future Through Mentoring: Faculty-Student Collaboration to Promote High-Quality Research SapphireSloan Storie • Laura McCorkle • Jennifer Ottley • Ann Mickelson • Lindsay Diamond • Christan Coogle Cross-agency teaming: Collaboration with community partners to support infants/toddlers with special needs Obelisk AMelissa Schnurr • Thomas Rendon Labels and Language Revisited: Imagining Inclusive Vernacular to Support Meaningful Interactions MetroDr Serra Acar • Megan Vinh • Dorothy Shapland • Jen Newton • Sheresa Boone Blanchard • Mira Williams Mathematical Interventions for Young Children: One Size Does Not Fit All Obelisk BMichele Stites Partnering with Stakeholders to Build a Network of Inclusive Early Childhood Educators ManchesterAudra Classen • Alicia Westbrook • Nicole Briceno Promoting student teachers' self-reflection skills with technology and a framework Monte CarloEmily Dorsey • Sue Kemp Using Group Practice Based Coaching to Strengthen Collaboration in Professional Development Senators Lecture HallGail Cook • Ashley Harvey Writing Participation-based Functional Goals. Importance, Guidelines, and Impact on Child Performance TopazRobin McWilliam • Pau Garcia-Grau

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