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Thursday, October 3

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Developing the BAER: Use of Modified Delphi Method for Initial Item Generation (Poster #6) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJen Newton Parents' Hospital School Experience for Their Children with Disabilities in Korea (Poster #9) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallSangsu Baek • Eunyoung Jung Childcare Provider-Parent Partnership to Identify Children At-Risk for Developmental Delay (Poster #21) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHeather Smith Googe • Herman Knopf Ambitious Teaching in Higher Education: Presuming Competence, Rethinking Relationships, and Trusting Students (Poster #7) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJen Newton • Chelsea Morris Coaching the Coaches: Training and Reflection of Pyramid Model Leaders (Poster #8) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallCristina Alicot • Chelsea Morris Collaborate, Don't Remediate: ECSE Students Learn from Immigrant Families (Poster #18) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallRebecca Pruitt Embedding Trauma-Sensitive Practices within the Pyramid Model Framework (Poster #13) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMary Louise Hemmeter • Catherine Corr • Chelsea Morris Evidence Synthesis of DEC Recommended Practice: Teaming and Collaboration 2 (Poster #15) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJudith Carta • Alana Schnitz Features of Supplemental Vocabulary Instruction for Dual Language Learners within the MTSS (Poster #25) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallNa Young Kong • Nikki Hurless, PhD Mixed Method Look at Transforming EI Assessment into Family-centered Practice (Poster #29) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallKaren McCurdy • Jennifer Kaufman • Leslie Bobrowski Predicting Psychological Stress and Professional Burnout Among Early Childhood Special Education Teachers (Poster #16) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHyun-Joo Jeon • Lindsay Diamond Supporting Fidelity Implementation of Evidence-based Practices: The LEAP Quality Program Indicators (Poster #27) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallPhil Strain • Edward Bovey The Effectiveness of Shared Storybook Reading Interventions: A Meta-Analysis (Poster #11) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallYusuf Akamoglu • Jacqueline Towson Training Preservice Professionals to Be Responsive During Child-led Activities (Poster #23) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJustin Lane • Collin Shepley Using Coaching with Paraprofessionals to Implement Explicit Play Skill Instruction (Poster #28) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallElizabeth Fleming-Krall Using Technology as a Culturally Responsive Tool During Evaluations for Young Children (Poster #14) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallSara Luke Using the IDC Data Meeting Toolkit for Collaborative Data Analysis and Use (Poster #20) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallSarah Walters • Tamara Nimkoff Lessons Learned: Implementing an Interdisciplinary Training For Early Intervention Professionals (Poster #2) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAnnie George-Puskar • Infants & Young Children Journal • Gabriela Freyre-Calish • Betsey Howe • Chelsea Panse Strengthening Knowledge, Skills and Partnerships Among Service Coordinators Through Communities of Practice (Poster #5) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallSarah Nichols • Susan Connor • Maria Kastanis Cross-cultural Curricular Adaptations for Teaching Children with Autism: Effectiveness, Benefits, and Challenges (Poster #35) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallSeungEun McDevitt • Hui Jiang ECSE/EI Preservice Teacher Field Experiences: Alignment with DEC Personnel Standards (Poster #31) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallRagan McLeod • Jessica Hardy Educating Children with Autism in China: Learning from Each Other (Quchang Buduan) (Poster #26) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHelen McCabe EI Service Models: Findings Between Collaborations (Poster #34) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallKaleigh Matesick Evaluating Family-Professional Partnerships in Nebraska Early Intervention Home Visits (Poster #30) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMiriam Kuhn • Johanna Taylor Infant Signs, Symbolic Gestures, Naturally Occurring Gestures, and Sign Language: Conceptual Examination (Poster #19) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallFain Barker • Jean Kang Judgments of Service Coordinator Practices and Transition-Related Outcomes for Children and Families (Poster #3) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAnnie George-Puskar • Infants & Young Children Journal Managing Up: Using the DEC Recommended Practices for Leadership as Beginning Practitioners (Poster #22) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallDr. Sarah Geldart • Kathi Gillaspy Maximizing the Effectiveness of Video Modeling: Key Variables to Consider (Poster #10) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallLeAnne Johnson • Brenna Rudolph Something's Gotta Give! Special Educators Tell About Teaching Under Perpetual Stress (Poster #33) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMaria Ruiz Understanding Factors Related to Children's Responsiveness to Preschool Literacy Instruction (Poster #32) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAlana Schnitz • Dwight Irvin • Charles Greenwood Using Fidelity Data in Pyramid Model Implementation (Poster #12) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallLise Fox • Meghan von der Embse • Myrna Veguilla • Denise Perez Binder

9:15am CDT

Teaming Matters! Practitioner Perceptions of a Primary Service Provider Approach to Teaming MetroJaneDiane Smith • Laura McCorkle • Sheena Jennings • M'Lisa Shelden • Lisa Cloninger The Connections Collaboration: Improving Practice Through Intentional Teaching on Early Social Connections EmeraldKatherine Holman • Rebecca Zimmerman Can Family Engagement Fail Families? Obelisk BAlissa Rausch • Jaclyn Joseph • Ara Zeliz Reyes Creating Culturally Responsive IEP Teams with Families of Young Children with Disabilities ManchesterLucy Gitonga • Sara Luke Equipment You Will Actually Use: Elevating Family Priorities in Assistive Technology Selection Monte CarloJennifer James • Rebekah Norris Parent 4 C's for Positive Outcomes in Young Hispanic Children with Autism Obelisk ADr. Hsuying Ward • Susana Perez Preparing Early Childhood Preservice Teachers to Engage with Diverse Families SapphireMonique Cohn • Tara Mathien • Liliana Acosta Research Committee Interest Forum - We Need Your Ideas! Anatole - Atrium Suite 934Amanda Quesenberry • Peggy Kemp Collaboration and Partnerships with Diverse Learners: Coaching and Cultural Differences in EI CoralDana Childress • Patricia Eitemiller • Cori Hill How to Make EI/ECSE Functional and Family Centered MilanRobin McWilliam • Cami Stevenson Observing and Coaching Classroom Interactions that Promote Active Engagement MiroAndrea Ford • LeAnne Johnson • Maria Hugh • Kelsey Young • Brenna Rudolph • Maci Brown Partnering with Families for Assessment of Children who Immigrants and Refugees MonetDr Serra Acar • Jennifer Hurley • Katrina Cummings • Sheresa Boone Blanchard Project Approach for All Learners: Supports for Fidelity of Implementation MadridGail Cook • Sallee Beneke • Ashley Harvey Building Fidelity in Early Intervention Coaching Practices Through Training and Mentorship TopazSerena Wheeler • Scott Tomchek • Cybil Cheek • Melissa Hardison • Michele Magness • Denise Insley OSEP Personnel Prep and Leadership Grants: Strategies and Opportunities MoroccoB Harriet Able • Jennifer Kilgo • Rebecca McCathren Using Data to Understand and Address Challenging Behavior (OSEP) Governors Lecture HallLise Fox • Christy Kavulic (OSEP) Hot Topic: Through the Lens of Lived Experience: Meaningfully Involving Families at All Levels in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education Senators Lecture HallJenna Weglarz-Ward • Cori Mohr • Maren Christenson • Christine Griffin • Roxane Romanick • Stephanie Adrihan • Keishawna Smith • Marisol Rose • Mark Smith

11:00am CDT

The Power of Partnerships to Learn the Signs and Act Early! CoralDeana McGuire Buck • Yetta Myrick • Janel Preston Family-Practitioner Collaboration in Writing Functional Outcomes EmeraldKristen Votava • Carol Johnson Partnership to Build the Capacity of Teachers to Improve Children's Language-Learning Opportunities MonetDale Walker • Gabriela Guerrero • Kelli Roehr Supporting Families with Complex Needs in Early Intervention MiroChristine Spence • Deborah Rooks-Ellis • Carson Hope ECPC: From Exploration to Implementation of a Comprehensive System of Personnel Development MetroDarla Gundler • Infants & Young Children Journal • Ted Burke • Amy Grattan • Susan Maude • Toby Long Engaging Young Children with Developmental Disabilities Through Nature-Based Teaching Obelisk ASylvia Collazo Enhancing the Quality of Coursework and Field Experiences in Early Childhood Programs (OSEP) Governors Lecture HallCamille Catlett • Julia Martin Eile • Chih-Ing Lim • Laurie Dinnebeil • Ritu Chopra • Susan Sandall • Laura Hall • Tracey West Preparing Culturally Responsive Early Intervention Professionals Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration Obelisk BYaoying Xu • Serra De Arment • Alison King • Maris Wyatt • Heather Coleman Preparing ECSE Candidates to Meet the Needs of Diverse Children and Families ManchesterRobin Miller Young • Stephanie DeSpain Stimming, Eloping, and Pinching—Oh My! Strategies for Preventing and Responding to Challenging Behaviors of Young Children with Exceptionalities MilanKelly M. Carrero • Suzana Spina Supporting American-Born, Immigrant, Refugee, and Migrant Children: Understanding Complex Trauma SapphireDarlene Fewster Trauma and Teachers: Building Provider Resilience for Improved Child and Family Outcomes MadridMegan Vinh • Dorothy Shapland • Jen Newton • Sheresa Boone Blanchard "They Don't Really Have a Role in Supporting Their Children's Social-Emotional Development" MoroccoEva Horn • Zhe Gigi An Developing and Testing the Family Behavior Support App TopazHedda Meadan • Erin Barton • Angel Fettig • Marina Velez • Rebecca Hacker Using Technology to Increase Functional Communication Skills of Children with Developmental Disabilities Monte CarloReem Muharib

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The Impact of Teacher Student Relationships on Preschool Expulsion and Suspension (Poster #19) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallQuinlan O'Grady Your Voice Matters! A "How To" for Engaging with EI/ECSE Policy (Poster #23) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallSondra M Stegenga • Catherine Corr A Tiered Model for Behavioral and Emotional Support in Early Education (Poster #25) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallTracy Larson • Sally Rushford • Carol Barone-Martin Advancing Social-communication And Play (ASAP) for Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Poster #15) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallBrian Boyd • Jessica Amsbary Building Inclusive Relationships in the Preschool Classroom: Teachers collaborating for Inclusion (Poster #11) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHELENE WEINGARTEN Collaborating and Coaching for Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Poster #7) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallCasey Ferrara Effects of Antecedent-Based Interventions on The Challenging Behavior of Young Children (Poster #12) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMary Louise Hemmeter • James Kretzer Evidence-based Decision-making: Preparation Programs Report on Initial Competencies for EC/ECSE Teacher Candidates (Poster #14) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallEva Horn • Jennifer Amilivia Storybooks Readings About Emotions for Improving Social-emotional Learning of Young Children (Poster #18) Chantilly W - Exhibit Hall What Increases Children's Executive Function? Focusing on Experimental Studies in South Korea (Poster #22) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallSohyun Yang • Kyung Mi Min Building Preservice Teacher Use of DEC Recommended Practices: Practice-Based Coaching (Poster #24) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallToni Miguel Effects of Training and Feedback on Promoting Social Interactions by Preservice Teachers (Poster #3) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallErin Barton • Ana Paula Martinez Moving Beyond A "Tourist Approach": Preservice Teachers' Awareness of Multicultural Education (Poster #5) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallBrandy James Assistive Technology and Environmental Adaptations to Promote Engagement in Early Literacy Learning (Poster #9) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallKathryn Marsh • Michelle Schladant Early Childhood Educator Perspectives about Effective Behavior Supports (Poster #10) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallElizabeth Kelly • Scott Spaulding Evaluation of the Telepractice Parent Coaching for Language and Communication Interventions (Poster #20) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHedda Meadan • Yusuf Akamoglu • Reem Muharib Evidence Synthesis of DEC Recommended Practice: Instruction 13 (Poster #4) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallErin Barton • Marina Velez • Brian Reichow • Jennifer Bancroft Fathers' Experiences In Early Intervention: Marooned in the Kitchen or Full Collaborator? (Poster #17) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMegan Schumaker Murphy Home-Based Enhanced Milieu Teaching for Dual Language Learners with Language Delay (Poster #1) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallVeronica Youn Kang Language and Social Abilities in Young Children with Language and Developmental Delay (Poster #6) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallCandace Evans Parent-Mediated Social StoryTM Intervention for Korean American Children with Autism (Poster #2) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallVeronica Youn Kang Partnering with Paraprofessionals: Expanding Preschool Children's Responses Through Dialogic Reading (Poster #16) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJuliana L Hirn • Diana Abarca • Jacqueline Towson • Katy Green Practitioner Experiences in EI: Are We Engaging Families in Culturally Responsive Partnerships? (Poster #21) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAngel Fettig • Shawna Harbin Training Teachers in Inclusive Preschool Classrooms to Monitor Child Progress (Poster #8) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJennifer Grisham • Collin Shepley Using the System of Least Prompts Paired with Verbalizations to Teach Play (Poster #13) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJennifer Bancroft

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CANCELLED - Today's strategies for children with visual Impairments leads to a successful tomorrow. Obelisk BKathy Boisvert IFSP Collaboration: Building and developing high quality IFSPs Through partnerships MoroccoHeidi Roibal • Jeanne DuRivage • Cathie Koss Story Drama and Social Connections in Inclusive Environments MiroFaye Casell • Meredith Sakowitz • Emily Jones • Andria Ward • Karen Capo • Meagan Friedman • Sharon Dworaczyk • Frieda Hoffer Beyond Family Involvement: Advancing True Collaboration with Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Families CoralHailey Love It Matters: Collaborating and Partnering with Foster Families for Future Success TopazElvia Cortes • Lisa Terry Assessing culturally and linguistically diverse children: Current practices, challenges and training needs MonetAudra Classen • Jean Kang Implementing Evidence Based Hearing Screening: Collaboration to Promote Early Language Development (OSEP) Governors Lecture HallJennifer Barrett-Zitkus • Will Eiserman Managing Powerful Emotions: Preschool Social & Emotional Skills Groups MadridJeanine Coleman • Gloria Miller Toddlers and Autism: Building Capacity in Communities MilanMichelle Campbell • Renee Hoffman Collaboration and Innovation: A Professional Development Model for Implementing MTSS in Preschools Senators Lecture HallHoward Goldstein • Keri Madsen Early Childhood Personnel Competencies across Disciplines: Common Areas of Practice SapphireDarla Gundler • Peggy Kemp • Infants & Young Children Journal • Toby Long • Christy Kavulic (OSEP) EI/ECSE Personnel Preparation Standards: Guided by the Past, the Future is Bright! Monte CarloEva Horn • Ann Mickelson • Vicki Stayton • Jennifer Kilgo • Cynthia Vail Moving Knowledge Not People: Can Online Professional Development Impact Child Challenging Behavior? ManchesterJaclyn Joseph • Abby Hodges Coaching Coaches to Coach With Fidelity EmeraldMary Louise Hemmeter • Erin Barton • Abby Taylor • Kymberly Horth Promoting adult learning using a rapid training and coaching model MetroJennifer Grisham • Justin Lane • Collin Shepley • Lin Zhu Young Exceptional Children Series Monograph No. 18: International Perspectives on Early Intervention, Early Childhood Special Education Obelisk ADr Serra Acar

5:15pm CDT

Early Childhood Special Education Personnel Standards: Input on Standards Needed! ManchesterEva Horn • Vicki Stayton • Standards Task Force Members Building a climate of reciprocal trust for effective collaboration and inclusive futures MoroccoKim Sopko Inclusive, Social Justice Approaches for Young Children: Anti-Bias Curriculum and Critical Praxis MilanMargaret Beneke • Caryn Park • Mariana Souto Manning • Priva Lalvani • Megan Madison • Deejay Robinson • Aura Perez • Jessica Bacon Power to the Profession 2019 Updates MadridPeggy Kemp Family-Centered Practices? Culturally-Responsive Teaching? Supporting Bigger Tomorrow's Through Collaborative-Transitions Across EI-ECSE MiroCori Hill • Jen Newton • Mira Wiliams Interdisciplinary Education Module for the Early Intervention Team CoralBeth Elenko • Jenna Fanelli • Jacqueline Hakim • Melanie Rigo • Sandra Gomez • Travis Barry International Partnerships to Implement the DEC Recommended Practices EmeraldMargarita Cañadas • Christina Kasprzak Interprofessional Education, Teamwork, and Collaboration: The Future of a High-Quality EI/ECSE Workforce SapphireJennifer Kilgo Supporting Service Coordinators Through a Family Assessment Professional Development Linked Series MonetLynn Barts • Maria Kastanis Swimming in the Deep End: Creating the Conditions that Promote Evidence-Based Practices Monte CarloSarah Sexton To infinity and beyond: Collaboration in the 21st Century TopazDonna Miller Early Childhood Intervention Teachers' Beliefs and Use of Peer Social Interaction Interventions MetroElizabeth Howe • Infants & Young Children Journal

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