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Wednesday, October 2

7:45am CDT

8:00am CDT

Addressing Young Children's Challenging Behavior Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration (Poster #4) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMichelle Boulanger Thompson • Yaoying Xu CANCELLED - Supporting Sensitive Interaction Between Parents & Babies Through Loving Touch Infant Massage (Poster #17) Chantilly W - Exhibit Hall Fostering Collaborative Partnerships: Making Inclusion Work (Poster #8) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallConrad Oh-Young • Jennifer Buchter • Kathleen O'Hara Beyond the Book: Building Emotional Literacy Through Partnership with Children and Families (Poster #23) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMisty Krippel • Robyn DiPietro-Wells Caregiver Coaching in New Hampshire Part C: Perceptions and Factors Influencing Implementation (Poster #21) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallErika Baril Collaborating with Practitioners and Families to Address Infant/Toddler Social-Emotional Development (Poster #14) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJane Squires • Misti Waddell • Lois Pribble Fathers of Children with Disabilities and CLD Fathers: Maximizing Engagement and Collaboration (Poster #6) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAmy Noggle Impact of Shared Reading on Parents' and Their Children's Attitudes Toward Disabilities (Poster #25) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHyejin Park Roles of Language Interpreters for Immigrant Families of Children During IEP/IFSP Conferences (Poster #13) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallNa Young Kong • Greg Cheatham Systemic Needs and Strategies to Support Vulnerable Young Children and Families (Poster #2) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMariana Mereoiu • Lisa Handyside • Kimberly Christensen Addressing Inappropriate Discipline Practices: State Policies on Suspension and Expulsion (Poster #5) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallLise Fox • Toni Miguel • Megan Vinh • Leigh Ashley Enhancing Leadership Capacity to Support Inclusion in Child Care (Poster #7) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallBeth Rous • Herman Knopf Project Open House: Inclusion in Early Care (Poster #22) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJessica Grimone-Hopkins Using the IDC Indicator Display Wizards to Collaboratively Examine SPP/APR Indicators (Poster #3) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallVera Stroup-Rentier • Gregg Reed Collaborating with Parents to Identify Children's Strengths and Needs (Poster #24) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallPatricia Sheehey • Mary Jo Noonan Individual Growth and Development Indicators (IGDIs) for Progress Monitoring and Informing Intervention (Poster #29) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJudith Carta • Dale Walker • Alana Schnitz • Charles Greenwood Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Conduct Psychological Evaluations among Minority Children with Autism (Poster #10) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJamie Pearson Interdisciplinary Support for High-Intensity Needs in Education: Project iSHINE (Poster #27) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallEmily Lakey Practice-Based Evidence: Building Practitioner Skills Through Reflective Practice (Poster #16) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJody Bartz • Karen Applequist Preparing Future Professionals to Support Early Literacy Through Public Library Partnerships (Poster #1) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallCarol Bland Big Dreams and a School District's Collaborative Journey For Early Childhood Inclusion (Poster #19) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJane Richardson • Kim Sopko Effectiveness of Preschool in Promoting and Maintaining Early Literacy Skills (Poster #30) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallRuth Kaminski Executive Function of Young Children with Disabilities Who Are Dual Language Learners (Poster #11) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallDr. Serra Acar • Lindsay Diamond Experiential Learning and the Acquisition of Early Childhood Candidates' Assessment Skills (Poster #26) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallStephanie DeSpain Internal Coaching in Part C: The Impact on Providers, Families, and Children (Poster #18) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMelissa Schnurr • Mollie Romano Let's Move: Findings from Research Focused on Motor Activities for Preschoolers (Poster #28) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHsiu-Wen Yang • Yusuf Akamoglu • W. Catherine Cheung PBS-EI Intervention Study: Family-Centered Approaches to Addressing Children's Challenging Behaviors in EI (Poster #20) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAngel Fettig • Shawna Harbin Refugee Children with Special Needs: A Content Analysis of Recent Literature (Poster #12) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallDr. Serra Acar • Ozden Pinar-Irmak Testing the FBSApp: Increasing Parent Strategy Use and Decreasing Child Challenging Behavior (Poster #15) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHedda Meadan • Erin Barton • Angel Fettig • Marina Velez • Rebecca Hacker The Diversity of Research Participant Selection in Single Case Studies (Poster #9) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallConrad Oh-Young • Jennifer Buchter • Christine Clark

5:00pm CDT

5:15pm CDT

A Video Modeling-Based Intervention Package to Teach Hand-Washing to Children with ASD (Poster #13) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJennifer Grisham-Brown • Ndaru Prapti • Sarah R. Hawkins Effects of Coaching on Teacher Implementation of Social-Emotional Teaching Strategies (Poster #9) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAudra Classen • Kasey Keith English and Vocational Instruction for Young Children with Visual Impairments in Vietnam (Poster #8) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallChristina Mora Decision-Making by Families and Home Visitors During Early Head Start Home Visits (Poster #1) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallGreg Cheatham • Christine Hancock Effects of a Head Start Family Day Experience on Undergraduate Student Perspectives (Poster #19) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMolly Harper • Mary Alice Varga • Katherine Green • Dylan McGuire Parent-Implemented Intervention Studies: Do They Align with DEC's 2014 Recommended Practices? (Poster #11) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallSarah Wiegand • Rebecca Lieberman-Betz • Jennifer Brown Parental Advocacy: Research Investigating Caregivers' Experiences in Early Intervention (Poster #17) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallKristen Schraml-Block Global Perspectives on Early Childhood Special Education and Early Intervention (Poster #7) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJami Louise Swindell Collaborative Partnerships Between Early Intervention Programs and Child Welfare (Poster #5) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallDr. Serra Acar • Kelly Brown Effects of Adding Novel Materials to Non-Preferred Classroom Centers on Child Engagement (Poster #16) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallMary Louise Hemmeter • James Kretzer • Anna Reimers Interviewing Preschoolers with Disabilities: A Study About Group Membership (Poster #14) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallLoretta A. Hayslip Suspension and Expulsion: What Does the Literature Say? (Poster #20) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallCourtney O'Grady Trauma-Informed Preschool Classrooms: Preventing Challenging Behavior By Supporting Social-Emotional Development (Poster #12) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHailee Arnold • Darcy Carey • Caitlin Pittman • Rebecca McCathren Disparity Between Pediatricians Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Regarding Early Intervention Services (Poster #4) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJenna Weglarz-Ward • Nicole Atwell Professional Development for Managing Challenging Behavior in Early Childhood (Poster #3) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJenna Weglarz-Ward • Melissa Beck Reciprocal Peer Coaching and Teaching Team Use of Pyramid Model Practices (Poster #6) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAdrienne Golden Supporting Early Childhood Coaches in Indiana: An Examination of Strengths and Needs (Poster #25) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallVeronika Peskova • Marie David • Mandy Rispoli A Meta-Analysis of Coaching Interventions to Improve Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Outcomes (Poster #15) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallLisa R Sanchez A Systematic Review of Early Childhood Single-Case Behavioral Interventions in Inclusive Settings (Poster #33) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAmanda Passmore Caregiver Perspectives of Social Interactions of Young Children Who Are Minimally Verbal (Poster #37) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHedda Meadan • Rebecca Hacker Classroom Management and Challenging Behaviors: Comparing Pre-service and Novice Teachers' Perspectives (Poster #31) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallRebecca Hacker • Courtney O'Grady • James Lee Comparison of Prompting Procedures: Constant Time Delay and System of Least Prompts (Poster #10) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJennifer Ledford Creating Personalized Implementation Support Plans to Increase the Use of Evidence-based Practices (Poster #23) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallLeAnne Johnson • Maria Hugh • Kelsey Young • Brenna Rudolph • Maci Brown Distribution of Social Capital: Examining Participation in Parent Support Communities (Poster #2 ) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallGreg Cheatham • Chelsea Waters Early Childhood Teacher Candidate Perceptions on Usefulness of Universal Screening of Numeracy (Poster #29) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJessica Markham-Anderson Entering Preschool: Early Intervention Providers Experiences with the Transition Process (Poster #26 ) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallAngi Stone-MacDonald • Stephanie Silva Examining Professional Development Needs of Early Childhood Special Education Professionals (Poster #34) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallClarissa Bunch • Christan Coogle Exploring the Perspectives of Refugee Parents in Preschool Services (Poster #24) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallOzden Pinar-Irmak Implementation and Sustainability of Positive Behavior Support in Early Childhood Programs (Poster #35) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJun Ai Implications for Promoting Cultural Sensitivity of SEL Practices: A Comparison Study (Poster #32) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallYiqing Xu Leadership Research Trends in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education (Poster #36) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallSara Movahedazarhouligh Partnering with Families within Residential Recovery Programs as Children Enter School Settings (Poster #22) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallKrystal Anderson • Amber Friesen Partnering with Parents of Children with ASD Through a Behavior Mentoring Program (Poster #21) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallQing Liu Partnering with Parents to Promote the Motor Development of Preschoolers with Disabilities (Poster #18) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallHedda Meadan • Hsiu-Wen Yang Systematic Review of Inclusion for Young Children with Significant Disabilities (Poster #27) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallEva Horn • Kyunghwa Kay Park Understanding Teachers' Responses to Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Settings (Poster #28 ) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallJames Lee Using Antecedent Exercise to Reduce Young Children's Challenging Behaviors (Poster #38) Chantilly W - Exhibit HallErin Barton • Claire Winchester

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